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Why Ballet

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Why ballet?

Ballet, as we know it, is a wonderful art through which we express one of the most universal ways of dancing. Classic references such as the swans in Swan Lake or the Prince of the Nutcracker are part of a culture that has been enjoyed for more than 2 centuries. The music, the interpretation together with the training of an increasingly refined technique and of great beauty make ballet one of the most beneficial activities for the growth of a young person.

We think that classical ballet is the only scientific method capable of offering a complete and healthy training to train dancers. After many years of evolution, classical ballet is considered one of the most effective and beneficial techniques that a child or young person can develop today.

Who is it for?

To all those children and young people who are attracted to dance and wish to discover all their abilities, both physical and artistic. Enjoying learning is one of our priorities. For those who aspire to go further and wish to prepare themselves professionally, they will obtain specific and complete training that could only be obtained abroad.

Also, for all those who enjoy taking ballet classes and prefer a training more akin to the practice of skill, harmony with a demanding technique but of great beauty.

I use a blowtorch to inflate molten glass into a bubble. You will have continuous supervision and advice.

At what age can I start?

You can start from 4 years. It is an ideal age in which fantasy and imagination play a great role. But you can also start at 6, 7, 12 or later. It depends on your skills but above all on how much you like it. In this school the most important thing is that the child discovers the wonderful world of ballet, that he grows up in a healthy and fun circle while learning one of the beautiful and universal forms of expression, ballet.